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iOS App Rejected - Invalid Signature

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If you have integrated Crittercism using CocoaPods, please upgrade to 5.2.0 or later as there is a known issue while submitting the App to the iOS App Store if you are using an older version.

More Information

CocoaPods specs from 4.1.2 to 5.1.3 are incorrectly packaging “CrittercismSDK/” as a resource.  Since resources are not signed, if you try to submit your app to the app store using these older versions of the pod spec, your app may be rejected with “Error ITMS-90035: Invalid Signature.  Code object is not signed at all”

To fix this error, simply upgrade to version 5.2.0 of the cocoapods spec.  

If you don’t want to upgrade, you can also remove the dsym_upload script from your project:

Remove the dsym_upload script as a resource, by deleting the file from the Pods/CrittercismSDK/Resources folder.  Then, comment out the following lines from

if [[ "$CONFIGURATION" == "Debug" ]]; then

  install_resource "CrittercismSDK/CrittercismSDK/"


if [[ "$CONFIGURATION" == "Release" ]]; then

  install_resource "CrittercismSDK/CrittercismSDK/"


What does the script do?
This script automatically uploads symbols files so that crashes can be symbolicated.  

Please contact support if you have any questions.



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