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How can I participate in the Community?

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Getting Started with the Apteligent Community

Be Active!

The Apteligent Community is open to everyone; to participate all you need is a registered Apteligent account. Once that's done, we follow similar rules to the systems you know as a developer (ie StackOverflow). Check out our Participation Guidelines for details of how you can help out!

Ask Questions!

As an open Q&A platform, you can ask the burning questions you need answered. While we believe that there aren't any bad questions, providing details and being thorough in your question will certainly help get you the best possible answer. For help with that, check out our Question Guidelines. Think you can answer a question? Great! The guidelines cover how to give an awesome answer too.

Suggest Ideas!

Do you have an idea you're passionate about to help you utilize the data Apteligent provides better? Or something that would make your and maybe everyone's life easier? Voice it and our product team will review ideas submitted and voted on regularly to get them into our roadmap. Not sure how to get starting sharing your idea, check out the Idea Guidelines to help you out!

Earn Reputation!

You've asked and answered questions, added some topics to an idea, had your idea turned into a product feature. Sounds like you've been busy and we appreciate everything you've done. As such when you participate, we reward you with Reputation. Look out for more on this down the road!



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