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[Video] How can I display my iTunes app logo and rating in Apteligent Portal?

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This can be done either during the process of registering your app or later by going to the app settings 

How to do this while registering the app?
- Login to the Apteligent portal to register a new app. 
- Skip the name for now and choose some options first
  1. Select iOS as the platform,
  2. Select "No" if its not an employing facing app.
  3. Select "Yes", If its in the app store. 
- And now start typing the name of your app and at the same time system will do a real time search to find your app. If you want to name it exactly, how it is named in the iTunes, then you will be able to find and select the right app and hit “REGISTER APP” button and you are all done.

If you want different name then you can specify the iTunes id after registering the app. 

Enter the iTunes app id manually

If you want a different name of your app inside Apteligent web portal, and its not searchable during registration, then what you can do is go to the App Settings for the App in question and enter the iTunes app id manually in the field by grabbing it from the iTunes website.
After a while we should be able to see the logo and the rating from iTunes for "all versions" in the App Management section. So linking your iTunes id here can save your time by monitoring all your iOS app ratings at one place.

Watch the video version:



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